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Megan Baker House

megan baker house photoThe Rank Foundation supports Megan Baker House through contributing to the salary costs of a Conductive Educator.

Through an education system known as conductive education, MBH offers life-changing outcomes for children ranging in age from six months - 19 years, suffering from a range of motor disorders such as cerebral palsy. They believe that a child who has a motor disorder does not only have a medical condition requiring treatment but, very importantly, a problem in learning that requires education. The skilled staff provide a pathway to independence, reducing exclusion and enhancing both confidence and self-esteem. The organisation was founded in 2001 and since that time has grown steadily with children from all regions of the country now attending MBH and benefiting from these FREE sessions. With no statutory or government funding to support MBH, it relies entirely on the support from the community and grants from Trusts such as the Rank Foundation.

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