RankNet Development Fund Application

This application form is for individuals and organisations within the Rank network to apply for a funding towards a sharing good practice visit, or for a bursary to contribute towards a course or enrichment experience.

RankNet Development Fund

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RankNet Development Fund Details

We recognise that austerity measures have impacted on organisations in diverse ways and for many, this has resulted in a reduction of staff training budgets and opportunities. This comes at a time when staff/teams are also urged to work differently or with less resource, creating capacity and expertise gaps. Our response has been to increase the number of Development Bursaries on offer and to widen the range of opportunities available in order to better meet current needs.

Who can apply?

You must be a member of the Rank Network – a member of staff, a Time to Shine intern, a Rank Aspire apprentice, a member of the Fellowship, or a user of a Rank funded organisation services.

What can I apply for?

For Bursaries we have three main umbrella categories that we use as a guideline: 
1. Experiential Learning: Endeavour and Adventure
2. Professional Training: Building Skills and Expertise
3. Personal Development: Inspiring Leadership
If in doubt, ask! You can drop Kai Wooder or Natalie Kay a message either on RankNet or by email.

Please note: No bursaries towards overall college/university fees unless the bursary is funding a complete programme: ie. short course.

How much can I apply for?
You may apply for up to £1000 in total. We will accept up to 3 applications per person, per year.

Contact Information

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Please note: You may apply for up to £1000 in total across a maximum of three applications per year for RankNet Bursaries.

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Please include your own name here, if relevant.

Please only use numbers in this field (no pound signs or commas).

This does not necessarily need to fit with the reason that you were given a grant by the Foundation.

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