Time to Shine Application Form

This form is our application mechanism for the Rank Foundation’s Time to Shine programme, an internship programme which is open to organisations in our network.

Time to Shine Application Form

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Please note that this is the first stage of the application process. The Rank Foundation cannot commit to funding the placement until the full process has been completed, including the interview and signing of the Contract. 

Closing date for initial applications is 13th October 2017 at 5pm.

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(minimum £5 million public liability insurance)

This should include details of the work experience (role description/hours/management and supervision /CRB checks (if appropriate)

Application Details

The Rank Foundation provides a grant based on the Living Wage towards the cost of the placement.

A condition of the grant is that the Intern must be able to start the placement no later than 12th January 2018 and attend the following events. Residential Conferences – for both the manager and intern – 15th/16th, 16th/17th or 17th/18th January 2018 at The Midland Hotel, Morecambe and a review event on 4th/5th, 5th/6th or 6th/7th June 2018 at The Low Wood Hotel, Windermere. The Intern must also attend the conference and Showcase event in September 2018 (exact date and venue tbc).

It is the responsibility of the organisation to ensure that Intern is appropriately supervised and supported during the placement. By submitting this application you are confirming that the organisation is properly resourced to do so.

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