A Placed Based Approach to Dundee

Early 2015 we announced that 21 projects working in the city of Dundee will benefit for the next three years as part of our latest round of funding.
Our investment in Dundee is by far our largest place-based funding commitment in the U.K. and we will work with charities and social enterprises that will contribute to our strategy by working in partnership to focus on leadership, enterprise and care:

Dundee Rep’s Creative Learning team will deliver a three year mental wellbeing and community programme focussing on older people, adults in rehabilitation and/or recovery and young people and adults facing health inequality.
The Dundee Social Enterprise Network will enable new start social enterprises to develop their idea with the support of a grants programme and a suite of resources which includes a dedicated Development Officer, social enterprise training as well as business advice and marketing support.
The Food Train in Dundee will set up a befriending service that links volunteers with older people who can then access a range of community activities from simply escorting them to the supermarket to visiting the cinema or other attractions in the area, thus reducing isolation and loneliness.


Building on Partnerships

We already had a strong track record of supporting projects in Dundee and neighbouring Angus. Projects like the youth charities Hot Chocolate, Alyth Youth Partnership, the Attic, Grey Lodge and, most recently, the Meal Makers programme, a charity that supports frail elderly and disabled people, funded in partnership with the Scottish Government: all of this has helped to provide a close connection with the city along with a good understanding of local issues.

From this, we have sought to create a strong and vibrant partnership, locally led by our new Rank Associate, David Dorward, the former Chief Executive of Dundee City Council.  We will look to strengthen this partnership by attracting others to help invest, advise, guide and grow the programme, for the benefit of all those who live in Dundee: developing leadership, encouraging enterprise and caring for the most marginalised.


Rank is seeking additional partners, not just for funding, but in order to create the opportunity to help shape and develop this programme, using the same philosophy that underpins our work in Hull, with a programme that is, in part, locally led, driven by local need and where collaboration, sharing and improved partnerships form a central part of the management process.

Drawing from our recent evaluation report, this summarises the characteristics or principles of ‘engaged philanthropy’ and ‘place-based funding’:

  • Intelligence: reconnaissance, consultation, planning and preparation
  • Relationships: understand the environment, get to know key people, keep showing up
  • Funding plus: in addition to funding, look to build and sustain networks, offer training, and focus on developing resilience and sustainability
  • Local leadership: invest in and support local leadership; use an ‘associate’ model to ensure permanent local presence, with a view to fostering a strategic influence with other sectors
  • Communications: create ways of sharing success, failure, concerns and opportunities
  • Collaboration: Promote a strong collaborative spirit as the key driver of ‘added value’, and build networks that last
    Long term thinking: look to leaving a legacy beyond the funding period

Charities and Organisations to benefit

  1. Advocating Together
  2. Aspire Project
  3. Bauer Media Group
  4. City Church Dundee
  5. Coldside Parish Church
  6. Comic School
  7. Dundee Food Bank
  8. Dundee Rep
  9. Dundee Social Enterprise Network
  10. Dundee Volunteer Centre
  11. Equally Well
  12. Faith in the Community
  13. Food Train
  14. Inspiring Scotland
  15. Maxwell Information Centre
  16. Amina Muslim Women’s Resource Centre
  17. Police Scotland Youth Volunteers
  18. St Mary’s
  19. Stewart-Ivory Project
  20. V&A Dundee Outreach
  21. Youthlink