Alzheimer’s Support

Alzheimer’s Support is an independent charity working across east and west Wiltshire with the aim of improving the quality of life of people with dementia and their carers, family and friends.  We are committed to providing a range of services which reflect the needs of the people we work with and gives choices designed to enable them to maintain their independence and enjoy a good quality of life for as long as they wish.

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Achievements of the Rank funded project

As aforementioned the number of days that the Sidmouth Club is open has increased from three days to four a week to reduce the waiting list.  At the time of writing the current waiting list stands at seven.  We have increased the charges of day care and as from the 1st October it will be £32 which includes a freshly cooked, nutritious lunch and refreshments during the day. The club offers opportunities for people with dementia to enjoy social activities with peers.  Members can join in small group activities, pursue hobbies or just enjoy their own time in the company of others in a friendly and safe environment.  Guest speakers are invited to attend the Club and these have included musicians, dancers, poets, bee keepers, an ex-RAF officer and artists.  We have a high staff/volunteer to member ration either 1:1 or 1:2 to ensure that each member receives person-centred care with staff and volunteers trained to work with people with dementia.  There are also two therapy dogs that attend the day clubs.  Their work has featured in two national magazines including Greyhound World and on Radio Wiltshire.

The carers of people with dementia who attend the day club also benefit from respite. Whilst carers appreciate the support they receive from our services and from other carers, the service that was most valued were the day clubs as it enabled carers to “have a day off” from their caring role and do things that they are unable to do such as access a doctor’s appointment or meet friends.  Many carers neglect their own care and place the needs of the cared for above their own.  The provision of day clubs enables carers to have time out with peace of mind knowing that the person they care for is treated with dignity, respect and that their needs are understood.