SeeSaw - Caring for families and Children During Bereavement

SeeSaw is the only organisation in Oxfordshire providing support for families, young people and schools when a parent is dying, and after a loved has died through illness, accident, murder, manslaughter or suicide.

We know that the Director role is pivotal in all aspects of the grief support work we do. In a small charity the Director has to have a hands on approach to clinical work, governance, finance and fund-raising. Before the Rank Foundation grant we had been unable to find an organisation that recognised the essential nature of this leadership role and provide funding support for the Director.

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Matched funding for 3 years towards the Director’s salary. The Rank Foundation Grant has provided SeeSaw with considerable endorsement of their work. They value the ongoing support and interest in their work from the Rank Trustees and the connections they can make at a national level.

They are now in a far more secure situation financially and feel that they can maintain their county model of a cost-effective and highly responsive bereavement support services.

It is known that Rank Foundation Grants are made after very careful scrutiny and we believe that our ability to raise further funds from other sources will be enhanced as a result.

Why We Do What We Do?

Childhood bereavement can result in negative outcomes in terms of physical, emotional, educational and spiritual welfare We believe that our interventions result in young people facing the future with hope and with lives not defined by their bereavement. We have in place an evaluation process – the Childhood Bereavement Service Questionnaire, and we will use the results to reflect on our work and always strive to provide the best possible service.

SeeSaw’s Director is committed to maintaining a sustainable service for Oxfordshire and to offering consultancy and support for other child bereavement charities in the UK.

The key areas of note for SeeSaw are:
• Partnership working agencies in health, education and social care
• Commitment to supporting schools
• Sharing best practice in Oxfordshire and beyond
• Training and supporting clinical volunteers to provide much our 1:1 support
• SeeSaw’s Director is an elected member of the National Advisory Group for the Childhood Bereavement Network.