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Our mission is to provide a safe and supportive environment to aid the recovery of servicemen and women who have suffered either physical or mental injuries as a result of their commitment to their country.

We deliver week long courses that combine Western horsemanship skills and rural experiences. Our aim is to ease the integration of serving personnel and veterans back into the community, inspiring a meaningful and rewarding future.

The grant was to create a business development post to help develop longer term funding streams (both charitable and commercial), and to assist with events, meetings and marketing.

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Organisational Development

In 2014 HBUK will have had over 100 people attend week long courses.  Alongside this there have been over 50 ‘strikers’ assisting on the courses.  A striker is someone who has already attended a course and then comes back in a volunteer capacity to help deliver the next courses.  This not only helps with the course but also empowers the striker and encourages them along their recovery pathway

Achievements of the Rank funded project

With the funding received from The Rank Foundation HBUK has been able to source and employ two new members of staff to assist with business development.  The first is to source larger sponsorship opportunities and the second is involved with the smaller scale but still essential fundraising.

Although there has been no further funding directly related to the Rank funding, many of our other funders are extremely happy that these two positions have been filled with the potential income that they will bring.

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