Mary Hare School for deaf children

In November 2015 we were delighted to receive an award of £1,500 from the Rank Foundation as a contribution towards the cost of refurbishing the assembly hall, Dulverton Hall, at Mary Hare School for deaf children.

Work on the refurbishment project began in earnest in the Easter 2016 school holidays and pupils returning for the start of the summer term immediately noticed the freshly painted walls, new curtains and refurbished floors.  We have attached some photographs which show the cleaner and brighter look to the hall but what is perhaps most telling is that when we were taking the photographs to accompany this report, we were stopped by one of our Sixth Formers who was keen to know what we were doing.  When we explained that we were taking some images to send to the trusts/foundations who had funded the refurbishment he went to great lengths to tell us how much he and his peers had appreciated the improvements both in terms of creating a more pleasant environment for assemblies and in providing a greatly improved atmosphere in which to take public examinations during the summer.  He then went on to give extremely positive feedback on another aspect of the refurbishment project, the reintroduction of sub-titled assemblies, confirming that the sub-titling system made it much easier to follow what was being said in assemblies and to feel included in School life.


Inclusiveness is of paramount importance to Mary Hare School, something that was highlighted in our recent Ofsted inspection (June 2016) where the inspectors noted the School’s “strong moral code and inclusive culture” going on to observe that for some pupils, Mary Hare School is the first one that they have attended where they feel “a sense of pride and belonging”. We are delighted that our refurbishment project at Dulverton Hall and the assemblies that take place there will allow us to continue to promote this sense of belonging in our pupils.