Reaching Higher Youth Club

A Croydon based charity, who deliver a wide range of projects (including sports, the arts, and life skills) to build mentoring relationships with young people which will help positively shape their lives.

Reaching Higher was a newish charity with a strong team of volunteers but only a very small staff, planning and managing projects.

By being accepted onto the YARN programme they have been able to employ a full time youth worker to add to the team and expand and strengthen the projects they deliver.


jordan reaching higher

Increasing Capacity

Rank Foundation funding has made a significant impact in increasing capacity to deliver youth work and refine their programmes.   The Rank funded worker Jordan has developed enormously over the last 2 years.   During this time he has developed a strong and ever growing football academy as well as running a range of other projects, managing teams of volunteers.  They have also utilised the experience and opportunities to test out and launch new projects.  For example they are about to start a food based programme pioneered by a Rank Award winner who developed the concept during their research project.

Great Outcomes

Reaching Higher have developed the range of projects they offer, increasing there work with young people in all areas as well as the capacity to raise more funding.
– They have more than doubled their engagement in football and have over 50 boys registered to their football academy which now has 2 teams and 8 qualified FA coaches all managed by the Rank Funded youth worker who has successfully developed partnerships with the FA and local clubs.
– They’ve been able to develop the leadership of their team of young workers and volunteers through the wide range of Rank programmes and joint projects, helping them learn from others and do what they do to a better standard.