Coran Oxley

The Rank Foundation gets to meet amazing individuals who not only turn their lives around but also go on to make a real difference in the charity sector.

Before becoming a GAP youth worker, I was volunteering at The Edge Project. I have been involved with the youth center for six years now. I have grown and improved as a person so much.  As a youngster in Holmewood before accessing the youth project, I was in trouble with the police and failing in school. I started to attend the center, became a young carer at home and started to get back on track at school.

I wanted to be in the army, but my older brother had a accident in Afghanistan. After this I didn’t know what I wanted to be. I thought long and hard and it clicked that the people that helped me, believed in me and pushed my to me full potential were youth workers. I always wanted to do something rewarding and I thought how they must feel seeing me improving. That’s when I made my choice, so I could give something back and help young people change their lives around.

The support from The Rank Foundation has been incredible. The first time I heard about Rank was when they give me a grant to go and sail for a week. They also accepted me on to the GAP scheme. While I was on the scheme, I had the chance to attend two weekend residentials with other gappers. I met some really great people. We shared our work that we do all around the country and this made me feel pleased – all of these inspiring and kind-hearted people doing good work all in the name of The Rank Foundation.

Before I started GAP, I was very shy in front of a crowd. Rank asked if I wanted to attended a public speaking course and to speak at Central Hall on our graduation and it went really smoothly. Now my scheme has finished, I have now been employed for 30 hours per week until I finish my Level 2 Play Work course. I thank The Rank Foundation for allowing me to progress in my career and for developing me as a person. I feel more of a leader than ever, a lot more confident around people and I have now had the experience of what it feels like to be a role model and I hope to keep on progressing in life.