Jamie Yeowart


A wonderful example of how throwing yourself wholeheartedly into your project can influence your future.

I have thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated the 9 months of full time work at Hexham Youth Initiative (HYI) that being a Gapper has afforded me and all it has set me on to achieve and strive towards. I’ve had so many excellent and wonderful experiences sharing in the growing, betterment and enjoyment of young people in my Community. From taking full part in the enhancement of young people in group work, such as the Duke of Edinburgh Programme, to which my love of the outdoors and encouraging of young people has an outlet! It has also given me the chance to assist in what it really takes to run a organisation such as HYI.

I also really enjoyed the one to one work I took part in, allowing for more focused work with young people. I was able to supplement all this practical learning and experience with theoretical and academic study through the YMCA Level 3 diploma which has been, and will continue to be of great use.

I have gained a new sense of certainty out of The Rank Foundation GAP Award, through building up and strengthening my role as a youth and community worker.  I have gained an immense amount of experience, confidence and empowerment whilst at the same time I have learned through the process how to work as a valuable part of a team. It is a privilege to have the responsibility of looking out foremost to those we work with in the community. This will all be incredibly important for me, going on to expand into outdoor leadership at university while also staying in youth work. This is something I would not be doing without all the opportunities and experience that being a Gapper has provided.
Thank you Rank!