Lisa Mayes

Marketing intern supporting Hull UK City of Culture prepare for 2017

Hull was announced the winner of UK City of Culture 2017 in 2013. The award is given, every four years, to a city that demonstrates the belief in the transformational power of culture. To deliver on this promise, Hull City Council set up Hull UK City of Culture 2017 as an independent company and charitable trust. The team are working hard to plan and deliver 365-days of transformative cultural activity in 2017. The arts and cultural programme for the year will celebrate the unique character of the city, its people, history and geography. The year will be split into four seasons, each with something distinctive, intriguing and created to challenge and thrill.

Hull 2017 required a Marketing and Programming intern to support the development stage and feasibility work around a range of ambitious programme proposals and to provide marketing and communications support, including audience development research and work to develop the marketing and communications plan.

Lisa Mayes lives in Hull and has spent the last few years, prior to the internship, working at City of Hull Council in various Communication and Marketing roles. She has a BA and a Masters in American Studies from the University of Lancaster and Nottingham University respectively.
As early as January, Lisa’s manager, Alison is impressed with what is being achieved:
“Lisa has really hit the ground running so far and easily manages the digital and social media tasks set for her, so much so that she is now actively involved in other projects including supporting the marketing and PR push around existing events.”

By mid-year, Lisa reports that she is learning and achieving a great deal, including widening her knowledge of marketing; gaining experience in, and understanding the value of social media; managing an entire marketing campaign “with great success”; continuing with the development of the brand identity for Hull 2017 and, generally, “really feeling like part of the team”.

At this time, Jo Franklin reports that Lisa has coped well with a change of manager, and has made a clear contribution, noting that having “a fresh ‘younger’ voice has been invaluable in testing out ideas and gaining insight from a younger audience, bringing novel perspectives, fresh ideas and specialized strengths and skill sets. These augment the abilities of our workforce.”

Jo Franklin comments on the particular value of an intern in a new organisation:

“To some degree the internship has helped to define the roles that are required with the Marketing and Communication team. As Lisa joined the team at its inception this internship covered a number of areas which have provided a range of experience and opportunities and as the project develops and the team grows we have established more distinct roles within the team including, Junior Content Producer, Audience Development Manager and Producing Team Assistant.”

From the final report it is clear that Lisa has achieved a great deal in her 12 months. Highlights include development and launch of the Hull 2017 brand, launch of an email alert system for 5,000 subscribers, and playing a significant role in the creation of a City of Culture interim website.

Lisa reports how she has “grown in confidence over the past 12 months and feel[s] comfortable talking to both junior and senior members of the team … I have learnt to deal with a very large workload and successfully manage my time to ensure I meet all deadlines.”

Lisa is on track to receive her Certificate in Professional Marketing in June 2016, and is delighted to report that she has been offered the role of Marketing and Brand Coordinator in the Hull UK City of Culture Marketing & Brand team through to January 2018.