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What we do

The Rank Foundation is a grant giving charitable trust, restricted to causes within the UK approved by the Charity Commission. It concentrates exclusively on:

  • encouraging and developing leadership amongst young people
  • supporting disadvantaged young people and those frail or lonely through old age or disability
  • promoting the understanding of the values, traditions and practices of the Christian faith, from a perspective that respects those of all faiths and those of none

Please note that our executive directors are active in identifying initiatives to support these areas and the majority of funds available for major grants is already committed through our proactive programme. However, we continue to run a small grants programme for unsolicited appeals - grants for this do not exceed £7.5K. Further details of this are given below.

What we DON'T support

The Directors have decided that, in general, they will not make grants for agriculture and farming, cathedrals, churches (except where community facilities form an integral part of the appeal), cultural projects, advocacy services, university and school building, bursary funds and medical research.

In addition, appeals from individuals, or appeals from charities on behalf of named individuals, will not be considered. Neither will appeals from overseas or from UK based organisations where the object of the appeal is overseas. Regrettably, due to overwhelming demand, unsolicited appeals (in relation to minor grants) are extremely unlikely to attract a grant in connection with salaries, general running costs or major capital projects.

Minor Grants

Please use our online application process. If eligible you can apply online.

If you are unsure about eligibility or require any advice then please speak direct to Rosamond McNulty, the Grants Administrator.

Major Grants

We no longer accept any unsolicited application for major grants. The Rank Foundation operates a research driven, fully proactive major grant programme, through our field executives. Please DO NOT send any unsolicited applications. These will not be processed.


Our 2012 annual accounts are available to download.

Strategic Giving Guided by Good Governance by Caroline Broadhurst

Good Governance with Earth Map by Caroline Broadhurst