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The Rank Foundation is a grant-giving charitable trust, restricted to causes in the UK, approved by the Charity Commission and other regulators.

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Engaged Philanthropy

The Rank Foundation operates a model of engaged philanthropy, combining intellectual, social and financial capital in order to maximise impact, whilst leveraging additional funding and support:

  • Financial Capital: flexible funding, long term support
  • Intellectual Capital: sharing good practice, bursaries, education & training
  • Social Capital: networking through RankNet and our Fellowship

Our experience suggests that by concentrating funding, knowledge and expertise in a very focused way, promoting stronger partnerships and increased collaboration, helps to ‘add value’ where the outcome is greater than the sum of each part.

Making a Difference Across the UK

The Rank Foundation supports a number of major and small projects across the UK. In the majority of cases, these programmes are funded through our proactive, research driven activities. We cover a broad range of needs and some examples of recent programmes can be seen under ‘projects’ tab.

Our focus is ensuring that we make a difference across the UK: community development, building capacity and inspiring local people to do more to help themselves.


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