Rank Fellowship

The Rank Fellowship is a network of alumni of the Rank Foundation School Leadership Award. The Award was one of the first structured schemes put into place by the charitable trust originally established by Lord Rank. It provides financial support so that young people with outstanding leadership potential are able to complete their education.  Since 1978 over fourteen hundred teenage boys and girls have benefited from financial assistance from the Rank Foundation’s School Leadership Award. The Rank Fellowship is open to past and present beneficiaries of the Rank Foundation’s Leadership Award (know as “Fellows”). There are also a number of Honorary Fellows, with the invitation open to alumni from The Rank Foundation’s Time to Shine programme. It promotes networking and mutual support among Fellows and encourages them to invest time and effort in voluntary activities, thereby contributing to a better society.

School Fellows

The Rank Foundation offers financial support to a small number of boys and girls in the Sixth Forms of selected state and independent Schools who are thought to have outstanding leadership potential. Candidates for these School Leadership Awards are put forward to the Foundation by the Heads of a few chosen Schools; the Foundation makes the Awards on the evidence of this exceptional leadership potential and financial need.

It is a requirement of those holding an Award to spend two weeks working for a not-for-profit organisation, typically a Rank Foundation funded charity. These placements have proved to be remarkable experiences for our award holders, giving them an awareness of leadership of a very different kind to that shown in schools. Placements also provide insight into contrasting aspects of community activity, initiative and support, often in areas of deprivation.


The Fellowship’s Mentoring service aims to provide Fellows with informal careers advice and support through mentoring evenings and ad hoc, one-to-one ‘match-making’. Career advisors come from our own network of Fellows who draw on their experiences to provide a ‘warts and all’ view of their work history.

The Mentoring Evening

The March mentoring evening allows Fellows to meet and exchange advice and experience of their own careers with others at a crossroads in the job market. They are intended to be informal gatherings where Fellows can benefit from speaking to those already in a profession that interests them. Ad hoc advice is provided by brokering a meeting between a Fellow seeking advice and someone drawn from a secure database of Fellows wishing to give insight based on their own experience.

Career Advice and Work Experience placements throughout the year.

Many Fellows are offering this form of mentoring advice about careers throughout the year. Some are also willing to offer work experience placements to Fellows wishing to gain an understanding of the work-place or of a particular career. Work experience is available in many companies and organisations ranging across public and private sectors. Placements have been offered by Fellows within these organisations and are sponsored by the Fellows. If you wish to take advantage of our offers of such career/mentoring work experience programme or if you would like to offer work experience please contact Tim Young.